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Lead India Foundation has been helping early stage ventures since 2012. Leveraging on the experience and expertise, the social incubation program started in 2015 in the Name LIIID. Global Action for Transforming India (GATI) Fellowship is a joint venture of Lead India, Lead India Foundation, India and Give Globally Foundation, USA. 2 Years Intensive, incisive, and innovative study and work program in India and USA (Online), that inspires professionals and entrepreneurs to be result oriented leaders through learning from the global educators and earning knowledge from doing. This program will run by Lead India Foundation, supported by Give Globally Foundation, USA. Six months online education from top Universities of the world like Stanford university and Arizona State University (ASU), USA, six months’ Practi-learning with experts, six months online/ campus based study again in India or USA, and six months incubation based Innovation can bring sustainable success in social entrepreneurship for you.

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Global Action for Transforming India

An Academy for Achievers / Social Change-Makers / Development Leaders/ For Profit Entrepreneurs / Global Job Seekers

Global Action for Transforming India is a two year fellowship programme that will equip fellows from all across the country to establish enterprises in non-profit and for-profit sector that will solve the most pressing challenges that are faced by the country today and will work the best to meet the first Five Global Goals by 2025.

2 Years Intensive, incisive and innovative study and work program in India and USA, that inspires professionals and entrepreneurs to be result oriented leaders through learning from the global educators and earning knowledge from doing. This program will run by Lead India Foundation, supported by Give Globally Foundation, USA and the program are certified by top universities of USA as per the selection of the courses. In this fellowship we offer Social Innovations, Social Entrepreneurship, Development leadership, Non-Profit Management, and other entrepreneurship-oriented courses online from top universities like ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation, USA, Stanford University, USA, University of British Columbia, Canada.

We are serious on developing entrepreneurs or enhance the employment of all the fellows. Hence, we put more importance on both certification and the quality of the learning. We provide the fellowship-oriented courses directly from the concerned Universities or through the help of MOOC Platforms like Coursera, EdX, Khan Academy, Udacity, Future Learn etc. We also offer the courses from the open platforms of United Nations sister concerned organisations as per the requirement of the fellowship and the selection of the courses completely as per the decision of the Board Members of LIF and GGF. We select suitable courses for the fellows to educate, nurture and empower early-stage social ventures both for profit and not for profit, helping them scale up to deliver sustained impact to change the world for better as per the global goals to meet our aim to End Extreme Poverty by 2025.

How We Support

Be Mentored

Mentoring and empowering through capacity building leveraging Lead India Foundation's rich global network of mentors, entrepreneurs and experts in India and USA.

Be Monitored

Monitoring all the GATI Fellows continuously to see their growth and develop the ideal as per the global goals with a global guidance and global reporting strategy

Be Motivated

All GATI fellows will be highly motivated by world famous entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Larry Page, Anna Hazare, Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, Malala and many more either in person or virtual

Networking Opportunity

Access to networks across funders, government and ecosystem players

Legal support

Pro-bono legal and company secretarial advice from our expert

World Class Infrastructure

All the GATI Fellows, whose ideas will be selected by the Lead India Foundation team or who get eligible to take the Lead India promoted enterprises both in for-profit and non-profit, will avail the world class infrastructure to run their enterprise in the major cities of India in collaboration with Regus. Workspaces that include high speed Wi-Fi, seating/meeting rooms, access to library

Financial support

All Eligible fellows shall be awarded with Monthly fellowship upto USD 200 for two years on performance basis to the incubated ventures. After the fellowship be eligible for getting seed Funding of USD 100,000, Insurance upto USD 10,000 and Business loan upto USD 20,000.

Media Exhibits

Chance to showcase ventures periodically at start-up events/exhibitions and facilitate media expansion through print media, electronics media and digital marketing.

Global Knowledge

Access to networks across funders, government, World Bank, United Nations and ecosystem players, Pro-bono legal and company secretarial advice from our expert and organisation like SBA, USA and Start up India.

Global Incubation

During the 6 months of incubation, Lead India Foundation Partners across the globe will work with you to share their expertise and give you hands-on support

Area of Support

During Fellowship and post fellowship if you are working on an idea that can solve a problem that affects the economically disadvantaged, enhances employability in rural and urban India, escalates sustainable Development goals to end extreme poverty by 2025, we're looking for you. Here are a few themes that we care about



we have a passion to create opportunities and reduce adversities.

  • How do you become a result oriented and successful for profit and not for profit entrepreneur?
  • What can we do to solve India's many challenges either as an entrepreneur or employee?
  • How can we reduce the gap ratio of rich and poor?
  • How do we make sure India is shining for everyone and become hunger and beggar free?

From our last 20 years research, we found that there is need of well-educated and informed entrepreneurs to bring in the society. Mushrooming number of NGOs, without proper information and infrastructure may ruin their time and money and bring chaos in the society, whereas a single but well informed and highly supported entrepreneur can make a big change. We welcome every one and are taking action to those mushrooming number of NGOs to be educated and well informed to bring a solid social change that is what we are working for through GATI focusing on the causes we care for

What We Offer

Innovation Grant
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Global Mentoring
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Global Connect
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Secure Fund and Loan
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Program Initiated by # 1 Networking NGO in India

Certification From # 1
University Of USA

Having 1000 + NGO's
To Work With

1 Billion Dollor Fund
Raizing Target

100 + Sector Connects

100+ Organizations Incubated

Supported By 100 +
Non Profit in USA

No #1 Place To Thrive

Supported By

Post Fellowship

Move ahead to thrive
Dare to drive your entrepreneurship?
Get Access to world class entrepreneurial environment
$100 Billion Seed Funding
40,000 sq.ft Incubation Space in India & USA
100 + Industry Experts for profit & not for profit expert from India & USA
500 + Sectors Partners
1 Crore Household Readymade Reach for your Pilot project

Our Team

Advisory Council

Manoj K. Pattanaik

International Director

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Dr. Philipose

National Advisor

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Cynthia Thiede

Professional Development Education Nonprofit Management Institute

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Andrea Beaulieu

NMI Instructor
Arizona State University

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Mr. Nandkumar Mohite


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Mr. Sibashankar Madala

Famous Business Man
Founder Member, Lead India Foundation, Odisha Chapter

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Nishu Mahendra

Admission Advisor

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G. L. Soni

Honorary Program Promoter

Our Mentor

Robert F. Ashcraft, Ph.D.
Executive Director
ASU Lodestar Center Saguaro Professor of Civic Enterprise School of Community Resources & Development

Nicole Almond Anderson
Stakeholder Relations Marketing & Communications

Susan Johnson
NMI Instructor
Arizona State University

Jayson Matthews
NMI Instructor
Arizona State University

Jill Watts
Capacity Building Initiatives

Carol Williams
Business Operations Administration

Kathie Cuomo
NMI Instructor
Arizona State University

Jennie Kale
NMI Instructor
Arizona State University

Ayensa Millan
NMI Instructor
Arizona State University

Lisa Ricci
NMI Instructor
Nonprofit Management Institute

Stephanie Viviano
NMI Instructor
Arizona State University

Torrie Taj
NMI Instructor
Arizona State University

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