About Lead India Foundation

Lead India Foundation (www.leadindiafoundation.org) is an ISO 9001- 2008 certified not for profit, non-religious, non-political, non-governmental organisation, established to network, nestle and nurture NGOs across the country, so that a single aim and a single action in a single area can bring a sustainable and successful positive social change and will spread across the nation at a single time. To achieve this objective, all the NGOs who are united by us through networking, nestling and nurturing will be motivated, mentored and monitored in a regular basis to bring a visible and sustainable social change across the country at one time.

To know about our different self-promoted projects, please visit our site www.leadindiafoundation.org , to know more about our Ambulance project, Ideal Indian and Ideal Indian Club, Charity Rally, drop an email to info@leadindiafoundation.org. We invite all the citizens of the country to participate in our national program Hunger and beggar free India, be a part of it and make India Free from extreme poverty.

Join our International initiative Give Globally, a program initiated by us in USA. To be a part of it please writes us at globallygive@gmail.com. This is a platform that provides place to all individuals and organisations, corporate, professors, researches, NGOs, innovators to promote Individual social Responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility and Religious social Responsibility, to end extreme poverty. Be a Global Change maker and lets build a Just world of peace and prosperity, which can only be possible through our united action, be proud to be a part of this global initiative and be a global citizen joining Give Globally an International initiative of Lead India Foundation.

In order to meet the digital manpower need of the NGOs and to promote the activity of the nonprofits through social media we have launched few innovative social media courses offered by Lead India Institute for Social Innovation and Development, enroll yourself today and get stipend while you are pursuing your study and after successful completion of the study get an opportunity to work with Lead India foundation or Give Globally USA.

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