Global Action for Transforming India

An Academy for Achievers / Social Change-Makers / Development Leaders/ For Profit Entrepreneurs / Global Job Seekers

Global Action for Transforming India is a two year fellowship programme that will equip fellows from all across the country to establish enterprises in non-profit and for-profit sector that will solve the most pressing challenges that are faced by the country today and will work the best to meet the first Five Global Goals by 2025. 2 Years Intensive, incisive and innovative study and work program in India and USA, that inspires professionals and entrepreneurs to be result oriented leaders through learning from the global educators and earning knowledge from doing. This program will run by Lead India Foundation, supported by Give Globally Foundation, USA and Certifies by ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation, # 1 University of USA for Innovation as per USNews Ranking.

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