Be an Admission Advisor

The Admissions Advisor is the contact person and one of the first points of contact between institutions and potential students; his role is to guide and advise prospective students in the process of enrolling in one of our study programs.


Consulting Services
* Act as an advisor to Domestic and International applicants wishing to enroll in one of our GATIprograms in the assigned territory;
* Achieve the goals set for student recruitment;
* Inform by telephone, email or in person, potential students who need information about the requirements and admission requirements of programs offered in our institutions (OR establishments);
* In collaboration with Admissions and Client Experience, participate in the development of an action plan and implement tactics to optimize recruitment in the territory;
* Make the necessary reminders and follow-ups with students to facilitate their registration;
* Register and maintain up to date the information and data collected in our management system.

Admission process
* Ensure, in collaboration with program managers, the complete assessment of applicants' files according to admission basis, program requirements and quotas;
* Analyze the academic background, diplomas and experiences presented in addition to applicants' applications for admission;
* Analyze the specific files of certain candidates and, if necessary, submit them to the Verification department for decisions;
* Ensure a strategy for spreading information about pre-departure and arrival in the campus or the institute;
* Work in close collaboration with all internal and external stakeholders (liaison officers, recruitment agency, consulates, program director, etc.);
* Participate in reception and integration activities for international students.

Promotional events
* Exercise an advisory role during school visits, open days, career shows, virtual workshops, etc.;
* Promote our institutions and programs at student recruitment events, including cultural communities and professional associations;
* Write and update the information documents and automatic responses used during the email follow-up;
* Conduct all pre-visit planning, visits and post-visit activities in accordance with the instructions and the budget allocated;
* Participate in reception and integration activities for international students;
* Stay on the lookout for best practices and competition in student recruitment and promotion of educational institutions

* Oral and written bilinguism;
* Proficiency in English, Hindi, Punjabi or Gujarati or Telugu/ Tamil/ Malayalam/Kannada, both orally and in writing;
* Interest for the education community;
* Availability evenings and weekends for special events (one-off);
* Good knowledge of Microsoft suite and being comfortable with technology.

The ideal candidate must be dynamic, courteous, and skilled in communication and demonstrate rapid learning abilities. While being rigorous and professional, the Admissions Advisor is aware of the importance of providing excellent counseling and makes the potential student a priority. The Advisor knows how to establish a bond of trust and be attentive to cultural norms and different ways of communicating. The person we are seeking is results-oriented.

* International company established for more than 5 years;
* A constantly growing organization with a strong international presence;
* Opportunities for professional development;
* Benefits, including insurance coverage;
* Remote workplace.

Only the selected candidates will be contacted.
We support an affirmative action program and invite visible minorities, ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples and persons with disabilities to apply. Note that adaptation measures can be offered to people with disabilities according to their needs. We invite you to make such demands if appropriate.

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