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Public and private partners are a key component of GATI's success.

In addition to critical financial support, many of our partners provide market and employment opportunities for our program participants, as well as world-class business and industry expertise and advice that we can leverage to help create a thriving private sector in the countries where we work.

Why Partner With GATI?
GLOBAL RESULTS Support programs that transform lives in measurable ways in some of the world's most impoverished areas.
SUSTAINABILITY Invest in a market-based approach to economic development that is sustainable and creates jobs, incomes and hope instead of dependency.
SHARED VALUE Tap into new market and sourcing opportunities that also create benefits for poor communities.
PUBLIC RECOGNITION Gain visibility as a leader in social responsibility through joint public relations and cause marketing campaigns.
WORLD-CLASS NETWORK Join a committed group of corporations, foundations, public sector agencies and individuals.
DIRECT ENGAGEMENT Give time and expertise, by advising on strategy or volunteering in the field.
FOCUSED SUPPORT Invest in GATI's global mission or target your support to a particular program, country or region.
PUBLIC EDUCATION Tell friends, employees, customers and the broader public how they can help transform lives through the creation of economic opportunity. .
For Partnership Requests contact us at  OR if you are a university, government, or other organization interested in promoting GATI initiative .

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