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Every Organisation/ Institution/ Business in the world can apply to become a member of the LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION Associated Organisation/ Institution/ Business Network (LIIID-GATI). It is a network of pre-primary, primary, secondary and vocational Organisation/ Institution/ Business, and teacher training institutions, which are committed to promote LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION's ideals, values and priorities and willing to contribute proactively to a more just, peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world, in line with the objectives of the LIIID-GATI Strategy 2014-2021.

If your Organisation/ Institution/ Business is interested in becoming an LIIID-GATI member, you must:

• familiarize yourself with the Network and its activities

• ensure that the Principal/Director of your Organisation/ Institution/ Business/institution is in agreement before making the decision to apply

• Complete and submit the Expression of Interest Form below.

Once you submit the Form, it will be sent to the LIIID-GATI National Coordinator of your country for review, and to determine considering whether your Organisation/ Institution/ Business meets the criteria required to join the Network.

You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt and in due time, you will be informed about the results of the review. Once the full application process at country level is completed, LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION is responsible for the final decision on admissions and certification.

It's important to us to be available to our partners, potential grantees, and the public. Please use the following contact information to connect with the office or department that can best meet your needs.

Please fill up this form and send to us for a quick response, if you cannot reach to us.

Please do not send unsolicited materials or items of any kind to the Lead India Foundation/ Give Globally Foundation. The foundation has no obligation to review, accept, or return such unsolicited materials.

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