Financial Assistance

All the fellows who are interested to start their own enterprises, will be supported by GATI program, Give Globally foundation and lead India Foundation financially. The fellows will be supported by Innovations Fund of USA 25,000 and Innovation Loan upto USD 50,000 for their sustainability. We offer Five 100% Scholarship each year for deserving candidates in tuition fee, accommodation and travelling expenses.

Other sources to finance your fellowship

Sallie Mae offers two choices in credit based student loans. Both loans allow you flexibility to design the loan that is right for your needs. The loans offer competitive fixed or variable interest rates, and a choice of repayment options.

Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan A loan for students in certificate, associate or bachelors degree programs. Offers the option of adding a co-signer.
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Sallie Mae Parent Loan A loan for parents or other creditworthy individuals who want to take responsibility for financing a student’s education.
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We are in the hope that all the education loan providers in India too will respect the program and gladly provide students loan for their tuition fees requirements as per their norms. Since all the banks are directly linking with ASU and we have evidence of successful student loans for the eligible students across India. If any bank has any query, they may write to us directly and we will be glad to resolve their issues from our end so that a student can get the admission to our program.

Now we are also planning full time 2 year courses in USA from ASU. For details visit
There are some eligibility criteria, and to know more about the eligibility please click the links.

Education Loan

As the courses are linked with the No#1 university of USA you can visit the link for details

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