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Invitation to Submit the Tender for NLSR 2023

Exetension of last date to Submit the Tender for NLSR 2019

Guidelines for the Local Level Promoters applying to work as a Business partner at the National/ Zonal/ State level for the Promotion of National Level School Ranking (NLSR) 2023

Lead India a social entrepreneurship startup and Lead India Foundation, a highly reputed nonprofit working across the country as an innovative Social Change Maker, in collaboration with Give Globally Foundation USA invites eligible and interested people and companies working in the field of educational or related to Education Ranking, Reputation Development and/or established as an educational consultancy service firm, to be a part of highly profitable program  www.csr.givegloballyfoundation.org (National Level School Ranking-2023) initiated by Give Globally Foundation, USA in collaboration with Lead India Foundation, India for School Ranking. This program promotes the schools at local and national level by acquiring ranking services as per the norms of US based organization like US News/ IAO and Indian organisations like ToI/ IIRF etc.

All the companies or business interested to work in this program at the national/ zonal / state level, required to submit a LoI to info@givegloballyfoundation.org for further assistance. The program guarantees a minimum of 50 lac Indian rupees profit of all the promoters when they make the program grand success by enrolling 1000 schools in this program from their respective areas. For the details of the program please visit www.csr.givegloballyfoundation.org

Number of Zones Changed for NLSR 2023

Requirement to be the Promoter:

1. They must be highly interested in educational business and an established business in the concerned zone/state level. Must have the capacity to speak the state language and English (English may not be mandatory). For the national level business promotoers, they should have more than three years of experience in educational/ admission/ school ranking/ institution ranking/ event management with a sound financial background and high profit track record.

2. Must have an office or have capacity to open one office in a well communicated place of the respective state or zone. For foreign businesses, who are interested to be the business partners, especially at the national level, must have their own office premises in India or must deposit USD 50,000 for the smooth running of their office, which will be managed by Lead India or the Jurists Global Team.

3. Have the capacity to deposit the non-refundable tender amount (It will not be returned to the respective promoter as per the terms and conditions of the contract which will be signed in 100 rupees Non Judicial Stamp paper) along with the potentiality to pay the fee and manage the program.

4. They must have highly dedicated staff minimum 3 numbers or more or capable to appoint the same within thirty days of the contract signing. They must have potential enough and their office should have proper work space to accommodate five employees that will be appointed by GGF for the promotion of the program.

5. They must have the ability to connect, convince and convert the schools as valued client to participate in the School ranking program in a target area and should plan their own local level marketing, branding or promotion strategy of the program.

State Level business Partners Introduced in New way for NLSR 2023

All the promoter will get all technical assistance from Lead India Foundation, Give Globally Foundation, USA and the people who have taken the tender of at the National/Zonal/ State (Local) Level. The promoters must give us the legal right to use their office for the promotion of the program. In return, the promoters will get all the services from the parent organization to make the program a grand success. The last date of applying for the tender (to be a promoter or national/ zonal/ state level business partner) is 31 st  March 2023 with extra payment of USD 200.

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On the extension of the last date of the tender, Resolution Dated 28th November, 2022