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Top Best Schools in India to equip you for your professional career: So We carefully determine the Ranking Parameter

The future of students lies in the education they acquire when there are young. School education plays an important role in shaping the future of students and determines their careers while preparing them to be future citizens. The secondary and higher secondary education is considered to be important in the life of an individual as it helps them to choose the desired course and institutions for their future work life. Hence, we carefully determine the Ranking Parameter

The Right School for Your Bright Child:

Choosing the right school is the biggest concern for parents and students who seem always confused in choosing the best place for their children to study. The NLSR- 2023 helps parents and students in this endeavor by releasing its Top School Ranking in India for the year 2023.

The school ranking in India by the NLSR-2023 is seen as an important event by parents as it helps them to enroll them in the best of schools in their respective locations. According to the NLSR-2023 ranking of school in India, the institution that bags the first rank in will be given a cash Prize of 1,00,000 INR with a trophy at the National level.

At NLSR-2023, we recognize that there is no “perfect” ranking methodology; rather, we aggregate what we believe are the most relevant school indicators to provide you with rankings that are useful. We hope our approach helps you find the school that's best for you. The best schools ranking in India are based on the academic reputation of the school, the competency of the faculty members, and the extent of individual attention that students get in the school. The NLSR-2023 school rank in India for the year 2023 is considered highly prestigious, owing to the yardsticks used in the ranking of these institutions. The ranks of the schools are based on the authentic information submitted by our eminent research team. Our team comprises renowned academicians and judges who take into account premium factors including the school curriculum and innovative teaching practices and the opinion of the teachers, students, and alumni of the institution.

Learning Experience 30%

  • Pedagogy 6%
  • Internship 6%
  • Quality of Faculty 7%
  • Innovative Teaching Method 6%
  • Resource on Learning 5%

School Experience 15%

  • Resource on Schooling 5%
  • Resource on Recreation 5%
  • Resource on Personality and development 5%

Return on Investment 25%

  • Overall Value of Money 13%
  • Quality of Teaching 12%

Future Orientation 10%

  • Global Exposure 5%
  • Creating Tomorrow Citizens 5%

Brand Value 30%

  • Overall reputation 5%
  • Rigor on the selection process 5%
  • Quality of student 5%
  • Growth Momentum 5%