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Empowerment for the poor comes at a time when global pandemic, global competition and change require people to take inclusive initiative and be innovative. Based on the active, persistent, and change-oriented behaviors associated with psychological, social, financial empowerment, the program states that empowerment of the poor or low income family can contribute to entrepreneurship through inclusive financial initiative. The dimensions of empowerment that suggest a theoretical and empirical link with entrepreneurial behavior need to be promoted in an inclusive way. Several propositions regarding the interplay between empowerment and entrepreneurship through financial inclusion are formulated. The LIFIEE initiative inspires low income groups certain tailored paths to promote empowerment and entrepreneurship in applied context and suggests future directions to advance research on empowerment in the field of entrepreneurship through Financial Inclusion. At LIFIEE we promote the Financial Inclusion, Entrepreneurship and empowerment on the following sectors.

Empowering Indian Women... Igniting Atmanirbhar Bharat