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One Stop Solution for all your NGO Needs

BOSS is the Right Place for All Indian Organisations

Non Profit Organisations to Get Free Assistance from India and USA Based Highly Experienced Professionals on Grant Proposal Writing, Proposal Submission, Online Fundraising, Capacity Building, Research and Development

One Platform for All Kind of Grant Writing, with Customized Strategy for Any Funding Need

Let us know your needs on fund raising campaign, project or the cause, there are many funding agencies and online fundraising organisations helping to thousands of NGOs, we will introduce you to them and you can get grants and raise the fund you want to raise. It is completely free of cost. Highly experienced and New York University educated professionals will assist you in this work to enable you to serve the society better. We also provide you advice on office solutions free of cost.

List of India Online Fund Raising companies
List of International Fund raising Companies
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Back Office Support Solutions

Make your organisation act like Give Globally, join Lead India Foundation to Function Like your own Organisation. It is absolutely free. Get Every Back Office Support from highly technology Oriented and experience Organisation.
We have many platforms to show you on how to raise the fund, apply for the funding nationally and internationally, when you will join us you will get all this from USA and India, Grow with a good will grow globally
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Make Your Organisation Act like GGF, join Lead India, It is Absolutely Free to Get Proper Information.

We have many platforms and sources, to show you on how to raise the fund, apply for the funding agencies nationally and internationally, when you will join us or approach us you will get all information absolutely free of cost either from USA or India, Grow with a good will, grow globally.
There are lakhs of donors nationally and internationally to whom you can urge to demand with a small effort. NO need to knock their door, No need to ring their phone, No need to make a specific request, just the different communication tools used by different fundraising organisation, just you need to know them and reach the audience Via email, social media and build a long term relationship with the donors.
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We provide Helpful Services to Ease Your Work, Workplace and Workload

Our specialists, our system, our services are designed in such a way that can help you set up your campaign, write the content of the project , advise you 24/7 on technical issues, and promote the fundraising or fund application work to deliver great results.

Do not have office, use our office as yours. Do not have internet, we will provide you. Do not have manpower, we will give to you.

Know more about all these facilities, It is completely free, contact us today
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Learn How to Run Big Online Fund Raising Campaign and Earn in Abundance to Run Your Program

If you have the desire to be a fundraiser, we have the door open for you with our experts. Visit us at www.liiid.givegloballyfoundation.org , check out for the courses and join us today. You can also visit our Blog, attend the webinars and videos for everything you need for the latest techniques to keep your organisation ahead. We can also assist you to lunch paid online fundraising and link you with online payment gateways.
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