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About Us
  • Struggling to pay for the right talent on a limited budget?
  • Are you experiencing growth or business changes?
  • Are you worried about increasing overhead costs and headcount?

Back Office Support Solutions is your answer to these questions and more. Whether you are a small business owner struggling to pay for the right talent on a limited budget…a high-growth company, looking for instant finance and operations expertise…or simply challenged with lowering overhead costs and employee headcount, we can help.

Our Mission

The Need of the time is, “Dashing- Personality, powerful- Presentation, professionally managed working Wi-Fi Platform, well maintained Infrastructure and well educated Employee”, then only you will get an environment to sustain and progress. This is the time where you have to PROVE OR YOU WILL PERISH. But to get all these, you need to do GREAT INVESTMENT in the way of MONEY, MIND AND MOMENTS. It may require more money, more time and more intellectuals. To provide our customers access to one of the world's best Back Office services, solutions and talents therefore meeting their complete end-to-end services and requirements.

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Our Approach

In our last five years’ experience with grassroot Non Profit across the country, we found that, all the Non Profit chiefs have determined to be an entrepreneur with a great aim to be a change maker in the society and bring some positive change in their surroundings. But, during the time of making their ideas great success, they come with number of problems and the greatest problem they face is PERFECTION IN BACK OFFICE MANAGEMENT.
Our approach can be found in our thinking, our performance, and most importantly, in our delivery to our clients. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, based on a mutual understanding of our high standards of service and professionalism. Every Non Profit entity has its unique set of requirements and these requirements are met promptly and efficiently by our unparalleled methodologies, knowledge and execution.

Why Boss

Back Office Support Solutions (BOSS) is an administration, management, accounting and human resources supporting project of Lead India Foundation, India and Give Globally Foundation, USA. We are dedicated to fulfilling your administration, management, accounting, human resources and operational needs. One size never fits all, especially when it comes to administration, management, accounting and human resources, we provide a personalized and tailored approach to help you meet your non-profit business goals. When you are assured that your administration, management, accounting and human resources services are in good hands, you can concentrate on doing what you do best: growing your non-profit business.

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